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About Us

Dalia Schahaf

Dalia Schahaf was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to Los Angeles at a young age. She's married with four kids and opened up a Jewish childcare because of her love for kids and the culture in 1992. Since then, many Jewish kids from different areas have been apart of Gan Dalia. 


Gan Dalia was founded in 1992.
The languages spoken are Hebrew, Spanish, and English.

We provide breakfast, lunch, and two snack times. All food provided is homemade

and Glatt kosher.

Gan Dalia program is based on the belief that children need a safe and

nurturing environment which meets most of their individual needs. A strong

commitment is made to respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each child.

The daily schedule, curriculum, and materials are designed to meet children

developmentally appropriate needs. An awareness of each individual’s needs and

abilities enables teachers to offer activities and challenges which will allow each

child to successfully grow in all developmental areas. I am trained to be aware of

the emotional and social needs of the children, as well as to stimulate their

intellectual developmental.

The developmental method of learning means that children learn through play

and hands-on activities, not through the drills and ditto sheets which often

accompany the academic curriculum children are provided every opportunity to

grow in a healthy way and build self-esteem.

Children discover Judaism as a way of life. Shabbat and the celebration of all

Jewish holidays are incorporated into our daily program through art, music,

cooking, games, dances, and stories. What a natural way for children to develop

a sense of pride!

It is essential that we establish a partnership to ensure that our program promotes your child’s growth and development. The successful adjustment and progressive development of your child is my top priority. I am always available to talk or meet with you. Let us work together to make your child’s first experience in school a positive, growing experience.

Dalia Schahaf

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