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Our Mission Statement

Gan Dalia encourages families to lead active Jewish lives. Children

need to be part of a community of shared values. We teach a

balanced, rigorous curriculum in which Judaic and Hebrew studies

enhance and rich secualar studies in an atmosphere of mutual

kindness and respect.

We Believe in the education of the whole child. Learning includes

more than the acquisition of specific knowledge. Gan Dalia

endeavors to help our children grow and mature academically,

religiously, socially, and physically. We believe that learning if

lifelong. Gan Dalia seeks to develop a love of learning. Our ultimate

goal is to help children develop tools that will allow them to learn

independelty throughout their lives.

We believe that education is communal. Parents, teachers, and staff. Our goal is to teach children faith in god, commitment to Torah and Mitzvot, midot, and a respecting and caring attitude toward others to establish a standard of academic excellence.

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe that cooperative learning promotes social skills and independent thinking. When children work together in  groups they learn to compare ideas, to consider other points of view, and to make turns leading and following.

Finally, learning is active. Children learn best when they can explore a subject from many different angles. Therefore, in addition to more traditional learning we also stress learning through concrete experiences.

We use dedvelopment approach to learning; our instruction considers the children's development level. Our goal is to find a level that challenges our students, but does not intimate or bore them. Teaching in this way produces children who are confident in their ablility to learn.

We also promote individual learning. Though children develop in certain predictable ways, all children are unique. All students have their own strengths and weaknesses. Gan Dalia tries to respect and meet these individual needs.


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